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Jerome with child

At HomeLife™ we believe the spirit of childhood, curiosity, hope, wonder and achievement, should influence every aspect of our business. Jerome™ a centuries old Gnome with the heart of a child, perfectly symbolizes this spirit. Jerome™, working on behalf of HomeLife’s™ Sales Representatives can be found anywhere that our Sales Representatives, feel he can be supportive of this belief: festivals, parades, charity fundraisers, schools and hospital wards, environmental events (see our H.E.L.P. Program).

He captures the hearts of young and young at heart that unites in his spirits of friendship and goodwill.

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Children's Bill of Rights

Children Bill of Rights

Supporting Jerome’s™ community work is the Children’s Bill of Rights, a testament to HomeLife’s™ care and concern for the spirit of the child. These posters carry a message of hope and optimism intended to empower children and embrace their futures. Jerome’s™ Bill of Rights posters are available and can be framed to be prominently displayed in schools, hospitals, or in your home. Contact a HomeLife Sales Representative to find out how to receive a Children’s Bill of Rights poster.

Jerome's Magic World

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